Helping the conservation of native hedgehogs in West Midlands and Staffordshire
West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue

If you find a hedgehog that needs help in West Midlands/South Staffs CALL US on 01922 419532 or 07837 409533 between 8am and 8pm (outside of these hours please contact your local 24hr emergency vet) and follow our advice here


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Helping sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs across the West Midlands and Staffordshire

How You Can Help Us


We always need

donations of:


• Tinned Cat Food

(meat based in jelly,

                          no fish or gravy)

• Clean paper pet bedding &

puppy training pads

• Old Towels/Bedding

• Dried mealworms

• Feeding Syringes

• Single Use Sterile Needles

• Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel


If you would like to donate

via the wish list please note

the delivery address is :

West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue,

47 Leveson Avenue,

Cheslyn Hay,


West Midlands



We also accept monetary

If you find a sick, injured or orphaned hedgehog in West Midlands or Staffordshire please call usFrequently Asked Questions


We are regularly asked similar questions so we have put together this FAQ guide to help all of you who are inquisitive about our wonderful native hedgehogs.


Q: Can I adopt one as a pet?

A: Please do not ask us if you can adopt one of our rescue hedgehogs as a pet. They are wild animals and wherever possible they are released back into the area in which they were found. The hedgehog will resume it's previous territory. They can also be smelly so they don't make great house pets.


Q: Can I foster a hedgehog?

A: We do have a small network of specially selected local foster carers who take in hedgehogs over winter for release in the spring. This a daily commitment for up to six months so please only contact us if you seriously want to help the species. If you would like more information about this please contact us.


Q: There's a hedgehog sunbathing in my garden. Is that normal?

A: NO - most definitely not. Hedgehogs are nocturnal and if you see them lying or moving in daylight they are most certainly injured, sick or in some kind of distress. If you are in the West Midlands or South Staffordshire please call us ASAP on 01922 419532 or 07837 409533 between 8am and 8pm (outside of these hours please contact your local 24hr emergency vet) . PLEASE do not email or Facebook us as messages may not be checked in time - ALWAYS call us (8am to 8pm - out of hours contat your local emergency 24hr vet). If you are outside our area please contact The British Hedgehog Preservation Society to find your local hedgehog carer, or contact your local vet or RSPCA branch.


Q: I saw a hedgehog that didn't look well in my local park - I didn't pick it up - if I send you directions can you fetch it?

A: Unfortunately we do not have the resources to conduct a search and rescue operation. If you find a hedgehog in distress please follow these instructions. We have a small number of volunteers who collect hedgehogs to bring to us but it will in most cases be quicker if you can bring the hedgehog to us.


Q: There's a hedgehog living in my garden and I'm worried it will attract fleas to my dog/cat/house. Will you remove it?

A: Hedgehogs do have fleas but they are what is known as 'host-specific'. That means they only live on hedgehogs and are not interested in infesting other animals or properties. Hedgehogs are actually of great benefit to a garden and will feed on slugs and snails. We will never remove a healthy animal from it's territory unless it is in imminent danger.


Q: How can I make my garden attractive to hedgehogs?

A: Please encourage hedgehogs to visit your garden by following a few simple steps in this pdf guide from the The British Hedgehog Preservation Society


Q: What precautions can I take to avoid hedgehogs getting injured on my property?

A: A large number of injuries are caused to hedgehogs each year by mowers, strimmers and other garden tools. Always check long grass and undergrowth before starting work. Also always ensure there is a safe exit route out of garden ponds - hedgehogs will visit ponds in the night for a drink and sometimes to swim, many drown because the enter a pond that has no safe exit route. A small ramp or a series of flower pots could save one of their lives. Also never leave elastic bands on the ground - hedgehogs get tangled in them and they can cause fatal injuries. Always roll up sports nets off the ground at night.


Q: I have found a hedgehog and it has greyish lumps on it - what is it?

A: The hedgehog has a tick, you may find it has more than one. DO NOT TUG ON IT OR TRY TO PULL IT OUT. Apply a small amount of cooking oil or washing up liquid to it (be careful not to get any in the hedgehog's eyes) and it should fall off. Call a hedgehog carer or rescue centre if in doubt.


Q: I've been following the story of one of the injured hedgehogs at WMHR on Facebook - can I call you to find out how it's doing?

A: We are a very small rescue and we need to keep the phone lines clear for emergencies. We update regularly on our prickly patients on our Facebook page so please follow us there for updates.